Cooking a Raspberry Pie with a Raspberry Pi

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Cooking a Raspberry Pie with a Raspberry Pi


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The newly redesigned touchpad.

Here’s an interesting idea: a microwave with a connected barcode scanner that reads and executes instructions for cooking food — driven by a Raspberry Pi. And what did maker Nathan Broadbent decide to cook in the introduction video? A raspberry pie, of course!

He was inspired by a Reddit thread titled “Food items should have QR codes that instruct the microwave exactly what to do. Like high for 2 minutes, let stand 1 minute, medium 1 minutes…

Since food packaging already has UPC barcodes, it made sense to use a barcode scanner and and online product database.

Some features of Nathan’s improved microwave:

  • Re-designed touchpad
  • Nicer sounds
  • Clock is automatically updated from the internet
  • Can be controlled with voice commands
  • Can use a barcode scanner to look up cooking instructions from an online database
  • The microwave has a web page so you can control it from your phone (why not), and set up cooking instructions for products
  • Tweets after it’s finished cooking something
The finished product, overlaid on the microwave’s original PCB.

[Via @rossatkin]

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