DIY Cereal Pops Recipe

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DIY Cereal Pops Recipe

popsPhoto: Brittni Mehlhoff

I’ve had breakfast for dinner, but now Brittni Mehlhoff of the Paper & Stitch blog has concocted a frosty treat that turns breakfast cereal into dessert with this clever cereal pops recipe. Of course, you can certainly have one for breakfast as well, and you can customize the recipe to fit your own personal cereal preferences too!

If Fruity Pebbles aren’t your thing, you can very easily switch the cereal out for one of your faves. There are so many possibilities with this…like peanut butter Captain Crunch, which I imagine would be SUPER good. I have the taste buds of a ten year old.

So, go ahead and try giving your mouth an icy wake up call!


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