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DIY Microwave Popcorn

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Here’s a money saver: Stop buying those boxes of prepackaged microwave popcorn, and do it yourself, cheaper and healthier. All you need is a brown paper bag and some popping-corn kernels, which you can purchase cheaply in bulk. Self-proclaimed tinkerer Wardie discovered this a few months ago, and shares the details on his blog, Wardie’s World.

Everyone is aware that cinema popcorn is one of the most expensive substances known to man.  And so the supermarket shelves are stocked with microwave popcorn which, when compared with a $9 bucket at the movies, seem quite reasonable.  But are they really?  And you’d think from the way they’re marketed that there’s some sort of proprietary magic going on to be able to cook corn in a microwave rather than the purpose built commercial machines.  Or are they honestly just a bag full of corn?

Spoiler alert: It’s just a bag full of corn.

His next challenge? Getting salt to stick to air-popped popcorn without the aid of oil or butter. Problem solved: grind the salt into a fine powder with a mortar and pestle!

air-popped corn_salt

NOTE: Keep a close eye on your popcorn in the microwave. There have been cases reported of the bag catching on fire, possibly due to securing the bag closed with staples. (Even though Alton Brown recommends using staples.)


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