Food-Hacking Workshops at OHM2013

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Food-Hacking Workshops at OHM2013


Interested in food hacking? You might want to attend this summer’s OHM2013 hacking camp in the Netherlands. The Food Hacking Base is a series of workshops on experimenting with food.

[W]e will be making Matelade, a marmelade based on yerba mate, a herb for a tea-like beverage. Other projects include vegan hacking and probiotic beverages brewing, with “Kombucha cosmopolita” being the scary one! All this will be also presented during donation based workshops keeping to “no one turned away for lack of funds” system as we did before. We will be catering for ourselves and all interested during the event happily enjoying our experiments as a group, our capacity is around 15-20 people for a meal on regular bases. Another important feature worth of stressing is that we also open the kitchen to the people so you can join us and experiment on your stuff or play with your own food project after coordinating with us as on the last CCC camp. Again we will construct and run a community shared washing area for dishes and kitchen equipment. The new”big” construction project for this event is a hexayurt based cold room which would be again shared as a community project, aimed to be reused on other events.

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  1. Lurwah says:

    Thanks for posting this, John.
    In the meantime the crowdfunder has reached its first goal. We’re looking forward to making this Food Hacking Base happen and do awesome stuff!

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