How-To: Make Your Own Sriracha

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How-To: Make Your Own Sriracha

We’ve posted about the mouth-melting miracle of Sriracha sauce here before — many of us at MAKE can’t get enough of it. Here’s an article from Serious Eats that tests several different recipes and compares them to the commercial sauce. In the end, in sounds like you get a sauce that’s not the same as the stuff in the red rooster bottle, but maybe as good (YMMV) and with a fresher taste.

There’s some fun background info in the piece, too. Like the fact that the name, Sriracha, comes from Si Racha, the city in Thailand from which it originates. And the iconic rooster on the bottle is the astrological sign of the company’s founder David Tran and the company name, Huy Fong, was the name of the freighter Tran came to the US on from Vietnam.

For some flaming Sriricha laughs, check out this comic on The Oatmeal. (Caution: Cartoon F-bomb ahead)

How to Make Sriracha from Scratch

Make Your Own Sriracha Chili Sauce (on CRAFT)

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  1. The Sriracha Cookbook says:

    Hope you guys like the homemade Sriracha recipe; it’s originally from my book. It’s pretty close to what you get in the bottle, but I did make it a little different. The beauty of it all? You can make it your own and tweak the flavors to get exactly the taste that you want! Amen to that! Viva la Sriracha!

    – Randy Clemens –

  2. Dear Sriracha Rooster Sauce – waldina says:

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  3. Sriracha Chicken | Tabasco & Thyme says:

    […] How-To: Make Your Own Sriracha ( […]

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