How-To: Create Mod Designs with Royal Icing

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My holiday aesthetic is complicated. A huge part of me loves tradition, and a huge part of me hates tradition. Instead of having a tree, I have white mums with pine branches set in vases on my windowseat. And I love holiday cookies, but not with red and green frosting! Here are the best holiday cookies I have ever decorated, and even though they deviate from the color scheme that is most traditional, I think they have a fun vibe that captures my perspective on the holidays.
To create the designs, first make a large batch of royal icing. I like Martha Stewart’s recipe. Now, this is the tricky part- water down the icing a few drops of water at a time, until it is runny- almost liquid. You want the icing to spread evenly, but not run off the cookie. Test it on some waxed paper to be sure you have it just right. If you water it down too much, re-thicken it with powered sugar. When it is the perfect consistency, separate it into small dishes and add a few drops of food coloring at a time until you like the shades.
To make the heart, use the back of a spoon to spread icing on the cookie all the way to its edge. Then, drop a small blob of icing in a contrasting color into the center. Run the tip of a toothpick downward through the center of the blob. Easy, right?
Oh, and if you have been making colorful and fun holiday cookies, I encourage you to enter them into the Crafty Chica Deck the Halls Challenge!

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