How-To: Poached Eggs

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Normally, I see poached eggs as nothing but a vehicle for Hollandaise sauce, but last night I had too many “white wine spritzers”. This morning all I want is plain poached eggs on plain wheat toast. With generous amounts of salt and pepper, of course.

2 thoughts on “How-To: Poached Eggs

  1. majeral says:

    Love it!! I love poached eggs but could never get them “right” for me. when I was back east last year my s-i-l asked how I wanted my eggs I asked if poached could be? Yes said well he cooked them perfect !! He was not using your method but his secret was timing.. Now he and I wanted to not use Teflon, or silicon . And we dug around on the net and found this method..
    It really is fool prof. I liked your demo and your sound was great..

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