Mother’s Day Heart Eggs

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Mother’s Day Heart Eggs

Bay Area artist Matthew Jervis of Kulture Hero posted this great Mom’s Day breakfast idea on Facebook — what a great, simple way to make her morning shine! (Easy to do with kids, too.)
Pile up your bread slices. Carefully cut out a heart, tracing over it a couple times to ensure the bottom pieces are completely cut out. Remove the bread hearts.
Place the bread on well buttered skillet. Use good quality unsalted butter … mmmm. After a few moments on the skillet, carefully crack the eggs into the heart holes.
Cook the eggs, gently flipping the toast and egg hearts half way through. Eat ’em up … yum!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Heart Eggs

  1. mamarog says:

    We used to make these all the time when I was growing up in NY.
    We called them “egg’n a hat.”

  2. yesterdaydream says:

    They are delicious!
    We also made a variation of this when I was growing up, but we called them “eggs in a frame”
    Happy Mother’s Day!

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