32-robot NXT chess set

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Imagine building a chess set 12′ on a side, with each piece its own robot. Oh yeah, and make it all out of Lego. Team Hassenplug’s Monster Chess packs 100,000 elements and 32 NXT bricks, and uses a laptop running a chess program to coordinate the robots. Want to see the game in person? It will be on display at next weekend’s Brickworld convention in Chicago. [Via The NXTStep]

2 thoughts on “32-robot NXT chess set

  1. theophrastus says:

    Very impressive, of course. But somehow watching pieces move only to get out of the way of other pieces and then return just doesn’t quite feel chess kosher. I suppose allowing a knight jump to go outside/around the board is difficult to program, and there are other happenstances where that wouldn’t solve the problem. I guess I’d redesign the knights to have crazy self upwards jacking “legs”.

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