Carbon C-thru bike frame

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Carbon C-thru bike frame

Martin wrote in to point us toward this amazing carbon fiber bike frame from Brano Meres –

During construction, all the beams were bonded together in the frame jig, with systematic and precise control of the position and alignment in the structure and the overall geometry of the frame. Once all carbon beams were bonded together with special epoxy resin, I lashed each joint with carbon fibers to ensure their strength. This was almost surgical work, really requiring a lot of patience. The critical parts of this frame were the connections of the “main tubes”, mainly head tube and BB area, so I paid a lot of attention to these areas. Then, each joint was softly sanded to have a smooth shape. On the frame, there are more than 300 joints, this painstaking work took about 300 hours of my life…

BME Carbon C-thru bike frame – Link


Making a Carbon Fiber Bike frame – Link

From the pages of MAKE:

Working with Carbon Fiber, MAKE:09 page 168 – Link

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