FlashBack: Backpack with integrated LED’s

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FlashBack: Backpack with integrated LED’s

Fall is a great time to ride your bike, and this LED modification will add an enormous amount of safety to your next trip.

I often ride bikes that end up not having working LED flashers, either because it’s a friends bike who doesn’t believe in safety, mountain bike, or the batteries are dead again. Since I always bring my camelbak with me on rides, I designed some LED flashers that are integrated into the bag.

Learn how to make a FlashBack: Backpack with integrated LED’s

4 thoughts on “FlashBack: Backpack with integrated LED’s

  1. Lenny Nero says:

    It should be noted that light colors at night signify important things such as direction of travel. The aspect these lights show is something moving from right to left….not directly ahead. I’m all for increased visibility at night, but please, keep with common night vehicle lighting convention…red to the rear only, amber to the sides and white or amber to the front. In the blink of an eye, a driver or even other rider may misinterpret your colors.

    1. Marc de Vinck says:

      That’s a good point!

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