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Lego builder Guy Himber needed to play the piano 2,000 times in GoW3 to earn an award. However, that didn’t sound like much fun so he created a Lego robot to do it for him.

This hits the ‘X’ button at about 67 times per minute, though I think only about 1/2 of them actually trigger the event. So more like 34 times per minute, 340 times every 10 minutes, about 2,000 per hour.

12 thoughts on “Gears of War Lego Hack

  1. mk b says:

    Oh wow, that’s the Technic Control Center. Vintage 1990 if I recall correctly. Sweet!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh cool, another one of these ridiculous things I can automate. I just finished making an almost fully automatic 360 controller. I used some 4066n analog switches (the broken controller I had was the really old matrix style) to control every button. All I have left to do is solder up some wires to the 4 analog stick sense pins (and probably do some resistor dividers to keep it at a default state when it’s not being driven), then the whole controller (well not the sync button…) will be automated. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do analog values for the triggers or sticks, but that’s probably not necessary. 

    I had a really crappy older version of this (with the same source controller) that did just a few buttons (ones that worked when directly driven from an arduino pin. not sure how it actually worked, but it did). I used that to get all of the campaign commendations in halo reach. I used the new one to get onyx in active reloads in gears 3 already, I’ll use it for this next.

  3. Engineer Zero says:

    I hope the message here isn’t lost on the Gears of War 3 people.  

    1. Dave Nash says:

      The award is to manipulate 2000 objects while playing the campaign. You can do that like a normal person and just play it a bunch or you can be original and slightly nutty and have a lego robot do it for you. This isn’t a game flaw though.

  4. Moriash says:

    This kind of thing is the primary reason I’ve kept my 30+ year old Lego Technics kits: Lego is great for one-off prototypes and quick-and-dirty mechanical tasks.  Did something similar to this a few years back, grinding through the Fishing and Find Direction skills in Everquest (which blocked macro software and such):
    Wish I had a film of it in operation now.  If memory serves, I took the “Keybot 2.0” apart to make a powered set of lazy tongs for… Something or other. I’m sure I had a good reason.

  5. Dave Brunker says:

    I wonder how I could adapt that to play Desert Bus.

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