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Giant RC plane runs on a Weed Wacker motor

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Giant RC plane runs on a Weed Wacker motor

Instructables member nickademuss shows us how to make an RC plane with an 8 foot wingspan out of corrugated plastic and a 25cc Weed Wacker engine.

I love Radio controlled airplanes and have built several kinds from balsa to this large scale plastic one. This one is made from $25.00 worth of plastic I bought locally at a sign company. The plastic is Coroplast or corrugated plastic, its cheap and builds fast. You could also use old election signs, you just need to paint them or make a patchwork airplane. Total cost with radio and motor was around 350 bucks.

Anyone have any post-election yard signs lying about?

8 Ft Wingspan Coroplast RC Piper Cub flown by 25cc Weed Wacker Motor

8 thoughts on “Giant RC plane runs on a Weed Wacker motor

  1. says:

    If you want a smaller airplane, here’s a makerly site all about building your own Coroplast R/C airplanes:

  2. Tolaemon says:

    Last year I had the ocasion to play with a device very simliar to the Trackmate, which also had images projected over it’s surface. It was exposed in Barcelona’s Science Museum, and I think it was developed by a local Univeristy. It’s name was Reactable:

    I think that the Trackmate is good start point for those who want to have their own trackable instrument : )

  3. Golux says:

    Nice to see that the whole world hasn’t been taken over with ARF airplanes. All the R/C enthusiasts I grew up with expected that you had technical skill, were interested in building your own, even if it started as a kit, because you needed that knowledge to get it back airworthy after the inevitable crashes. Somewhere in the last decade the R/C aircraft world got into this throwaway society where you buy them fully assembled except for the servos and engine, crash them once and go buy a new one.

    Thanks for showing that except for the radio system, a plane can be put together very inexpensively!

  4. Weed Wackers says:

    Weed wacker’s are known as different names. Although it is different named but it’s capabilities are same.It may different from each other but it is not a large difference among them. Actually it has a great significant on removing the grasses. Thanks for your article.

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