Guitar game controller mods

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Guitar game controller mods

TJ says that the best place for info on modding game controllers is ScoreHero’s forums. I poked around a bit and dug up some interesting stuff.

Here is one for jamming a Strat into an Explorer.

So I imported Rock Band recently, and while the drums are ace the Stratocaster is sub-par. Sticky nasty frets, non-clicky strumbar, unresponsive strumbar, neck with sharp edges and bumps.. just about the only nice thing about it is the solobuttons. And since I got the game for the PS3, Activision isn’t letting me play with their shiny Les Pauls any time soon. But wait.. an idea!

The plan is to use the shell of an explorer, put Stratocaster guts in it and hook up the frets, whammy and strumbar. I could’ve used a Les Paul, but they’re too nice to hack up like this.

Note: The mod you’re about to see isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing. I suck at making things look nice. But the damn thing works!

I’ve got a dumpscore SG, and would like to see something interesting happen to it, not sure if it is my project or some lucky kid’s. I have been thinking that it would be a great idea to Shopbot a realistic full-sized guitar body and neck and hack in the control hardware and circuits from an existing controller.

So if your TV is stuck on the Garage Band or Guitar Hero channel, maybe you have some maker perspective on the hardware side of things.

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