HOW TO – Design a 2D robo-hand & Atari 800 laptop – Ben Heck

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HOW TO – Design a 2D robo-hand & Atari 800 laptop – Ben Heck

Wow, Ben Heck is busy – here are a couple project he kicked out this weekend…

Design a 2D robo-hand – I’m going to download the files and pop them in the laser tonight (hopefully!)…

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For today’s How-To we’re going to go through the process of designing a somewhat complex item that can be cut with a standard 3 axis homebuilt CNC machine: a jointed “robotic hand”. This requires several design methods drawn in multiple views, which will demostrate many of the techniques that are useful in preparing items for CNC cutting. At the very least it’s a good primer for vector artwork in general, if you’ve ever been curious about it. So let’s take a look at what’s involved in prepping our CNC robot factoryLink.

For many years an Atari 800 laptop was my “dream portable”. Then after I built it I had no more worlds to conquer, so to speak. Well, I do, my custom pinball machine, but I digress. Anyway, earlier this year I had a request to build another Atari 800 laptop so I decided to have another whack at it. With less woodgrain this time, and hopefully some new features. I also wanted to redo the keyboard design. Thanks technick29! – Link.


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