Ikea Cabinets Transformed Into Lego Storage

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Ikea Cabinets Transformed Into Lego Storage


Martin Storbeck of Böblingen, Germany, noticed that Ikea’s Bestå cabinet doors looked an awful lot like Lego bricks, so why not decorate them as such to hold his collection of actual Legos? Martin created a slideshow showing how he made the doors — spoiler: with coasters as the Lego studs. [via Ikea Hackers]

2 thoughts on “Ikea Cabinets Transformed Into Lego Storage

  1. Matt Dart says:

    What a creative and beautiful storage idea. I have seen people bake lego cakes and this is my first time seeing lego storage bins. I think they would be very popular amongst kids and they would be more enticed to store their toys and things inside rather than creating a mess in their rooms because these bins are really attractive.

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