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Alpay Kasal, who helped create Alpha One Labs‘ Twitter-searching Christmas tree, has a new project: a touchscreen mirror.

thought to build this version of the Interactive Mirror after I saw some dielectric glass mirrors with LCD panels built into them. They’re meant to be the bathroom of the future, complete with news and weather to accompany your toothpaste in the morning. Sounds nifty, but it looked completely un-fun. It lacked a human touch. I brainstormed with friend Sam Ewen and soon started cutting aluminum t-slot.

There are some tricks built into this installation: like internal mirror bounces for greater projection throw (wide angle lenses are expensive) and a projection running at an aspect ratio of 9:16 rather than 16:9. I’m also using mouse emulation, which is key in my opinion.

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  2. Robert Ely says:

    New? This was posted 3 years ago. And i swear this is a repost, its hard to say with out diving into the archives.

    1. Juan Cubillo says:

      Yup…. this is quite old actually.

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