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Killer Krawler

In my opinion the coolest innovation in R/C vehicles is the crawler. As the name implies, crawlers are incredible crawling machines that are super fun to build and to run. Like a good video game, they’re easy to pick up but hard to master. Crawlers are built to climb over serious terrain, and some are built as scale trucks that look as realistic as possible (while still being monster crawlers). There’s no shortage of stuff to climb, from backyard rocks to your living room couch.

RC4WD’s Killer Krawler is one of the biggest such models in the world. At 1/5 scale, it has a fully CNC-machined aluminum chassis, an articulation angle of 90°, nearly 6 inches of center ground clearance, and an over 22-inch wheelbase.

As with all crawlers, this one is four-wheel-drive, with locked differentials. It has two motors, one on each axle, aka MOA (motor on axle). The gears, along with everything else on this beast, are all billet aluminum, so it’ll withstand anything you can throw at it. The 30:1 gear ratio ensures high torque for precise crawling. Two ESCs (electronic speed controllers), two motors, a radio system, servo, and a battery are required to complete this kit.

The giant scale of the chassis kit makes it attractive as a potential robotics platform, able to handle extremely rough terrain and big enough to carry a truckload of sensors and hardware. RC4WD has hundreds of options and parts to choose from — wheels, tires, chassis, shocks, axles, transmissions, and electronics — to help you easily customize a truck of your choice.

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