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Lego iPad

As soon as the iPad was announced, Lego fans wondered what it would look like in brick form. Check out the homage by Joe Meno, editor of AFOL bible BrickJournal.

8 thoughts on “Lego iPad

  1. Inventorjack says:

    And it’s just as useful and practical as the real iPad, too!

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

    1. neuroclast says:

      Beat me to it. I was gonna say it multitasks just as well as the real one :]

  2. Anonymous says:

    But… But… It doesn’t do Flash!

  3. cinderalla says:

    I totally disagree with almost all the junk written online about the iPad. Personally, I think the device looks inferior to Amazon’s Kindle and even the iPod Touch is better. So, it is good to see that online shops index Online Store ranked the best sites to buy an ipad. I do most of my shopping online today and I think the Kindle is cheaper and has better readability. Personally, I think a good book is better than either iPad or Kindle, but I think in today’s apple-obsessed world I am in the minority.

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