Lego Mindstorms Construct Sorts Bricks By Shape

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akiyukyi’s brick sorter uses a digital scale and a webcam to sort bricks into broad categories like gears, Technic beams, plates, and so on. [Via The NXT Step]

8 thoughts on “Lego Mindstorms Construct Sorts Bricks By Shape

  1. M. "Shadyman" Lange says:

    Wow! Very cool. I’d imagine the easiest/most useful thing to remake without the LEGO sets would be the weight table/backlight/webcam with software.

    I’m curious what software he used to do the recognition.

  2. Andrew Sayler says:

    Wow, that’s an impressively elaborate creation! The cup carousel reminds me of the only time I’ve ever seen a Geneva (Maltese) drive used in an actual product. It was the automatic tool changer on a Bridgeport CNC mill, and the Geneva drive allowed selection and precision positioning of the tools without the need for a precision servo system. It used a geared induction motor (which has some run-on after being de-energized) to drive the Geneva mechanism. Simple microswitches kept track of where the tool carousel was. Brilliant!

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