Light-up bike pedals add bling to your ride

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Light-up bike pedals add bling to your ride

Need extra bling on your bike? How about some human powered, light-up pedals? Rather than drawing power from a wheel-mounted generator, each of these pedals actually has a tiny generator built in. Neat! [via Gadget Lab]

6 thoughts on “Light-up bike pedals add bling to your ride

  1. justDIY says:

    what the heck Make? Is this a real post, or a slick inline advertisement? Neither link contains any DIY information, and the Chinese seller hardly gives any detail at all about the charging system, other than it is based on a supercapacitor.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Hmm, sorry that you took it that way. I thought this was a neat idea, and certainly an interesting candidate for a remake. The charging circuit shouldn’t be different from any other generator- start with a DC motor, a few resistors, a super capacitor, and possibly a joule thief if your charging voltage isn’t high enough to light your LEDs. I can draw up a schematic if you would like :-/.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rather then? No Rather THAN. COme on Matt. That’s two. (See Touch Sensative Faucet)

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