Mindstorms NXT Tank Packs All The Optional Extras

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We posted pix of Martijn “Dino_Martino” Hellemans’ Mindstorms ‘fully functional battle tank‘ last month, and here is a video. To recap, it has caterpillar treads with independent suspension, cruise control, LED headlights, semi-automatic brick flinger with laser sighting, and the whole shebang can be run by a Playstation 3 controller.

6 thoughts on “Mindstorms NXT Tank Packs All The Optional Extras

  1. Anonymous says:

    Next step: automation.

    1. Martijn Hellemans says:

      Actually, the model contains some low-level features to keep the door open for an autonomous mode that arent used just yet.
      I probably wont make it autonomous, that was never my intention.

  2. Timothy Endersby says:

    how many parts – specifically NXTs – did it take to make this – i’m sure that’s at least 2 NXTs

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