NYC bike rack designs by David Byrne

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NYC bike rack designs by David Byrne

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The NYC Department of Transportation has installed a number of new bike racks designed by artist David Byrne

David Byrne and the New York City Department of Transportation, in conjunction with New York art gallery PaceWildenstein, have unveiled nine unique bicycle racks designed by DB and installed in various locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. An avid bicyclist for almost 30 years, Byrne was invited to join the panel of jurors selected by the DOT to judge a design competition for outdoor and indoor bicycle racks. Inspired by the city’s initiative, he submitted some original design ideas of his own named after specific locations and neighborhoods, which the DOT enthusiastically agreed to install for a period of 364 days.

Each rack’s shape relates to the history of its locale – see the gallery for more pics – Bike Racks [via Urban Prankster]

2 thoughts on “NYC bike rack designs by David Byrne

  1. Scott M says:

    These are cute, but not very functional. It would have been more interesting to have both.

    But I’m impressed that a local government agency actually has a sense of humor. I thought you had to have it surgically removed to work there.

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