Pinheads — The Story of the Pacific Pinball Museum

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By way of our favorite Pinball Wizard, Jeri Ellsworth, comes this fun little documentary about the Pacific Pinball Museum. We’ve been thrilled to host the Pacific Pinball Museum’s Lil’ Ju Ju mobile museum at the Bay Area Maker Faires. Lil’ Ju Ju is a modified a 1947 Spartan Manor Travel trailer housing six vintage pinball machines and a mini Jukebox. Always a treat.

Pinheads — The Story of the Pacific Pinball Museum

2 thoughts on “Pinheads — The Story of the Pacific Pinball Museum

  1. RocketGuy says:

    I took a class from Michael Schiess on Pinball machine repair and kinetic art at the Crucible. Michael is a great guy who really gives a damn about these amazing mechanical computers known as pinball machines.

    Really amazing to see what could be done with mechanical logic. The only other mechanical computer that was more impressive to me was the Mercury space capsule’s flight computer.

    Great way to get into thinking about low level operations kinesthetically.

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