Playing Tetris with DDR Controller Mats

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MIT students Andrew Carlson, Leah Alpert and Russell Cohen built this Tetris game that uses pads from dancing game Dance Dance Revolution to control the shapes. Each board is a 200-LED matrix.

Tetris installation controlled by DDR Mats. Color Kinetic LEDs in laser cut acrylic tubes set in chip-board matrix.

If one player clears two or more lines at once, one less than that number of lines appears on the bottom of the other player’s board. The bottom row of each board displays each player’s score (number of rows cleared) in binary. The row above that shows the level on the left, and time left on the right (one white dot per minute remaining). If neither player dies within the time limit, the player with the higher score wins.

Code on Github. [Thanks, Russell!]

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  1. Adam Eyring says:

    Very cool! An article on this will be great for Make mag! The workout from this will be fun and not too heavy, but potentially long.

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