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People love Portal!
(FYI: Portal = popular video game from Valve software.)
Exhibit A: Recreation of the PC cases found in the game
Nick writes –

You’ve got a stock PC, but don’t have enough cash to build a new one. Well…Mod it! After seeing me play a little of portal, my wife liked the look of the Aperture Center computer cases. So I decided to turn my stock PC into a “Portal PC.” Enjoy!

Game reference or not, that’s a fine looking machine. – Link


and Exhibit B: The companion cube shaped tissue box

After playing Portal, I needed my very own companion cube, but didn’t want some cube cluttering up my desk. So after spending some time in the hobby store, I found a nice cube shaped tissue box holder, and thus my useful companion cube was born. – Link

Perhaps a game based heavily upon physics has a tendency to become physical?



Inspired by work seen here, Francis cooked up this neat weighted companion cube candle – complete with a how-to
Thanks Francis!

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