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Console hacker extraordinaire Benjamin J. Heckendorn (aka Ben Heck) built this one-off PS3 Slim laptop for portable gaming without compromise. Along with the PS3 Slim, Ben incorporated a Gateway 1775W widescreen LCD display and had a little extra room left over for cable storage.

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8 thoughts on “PS3 Slim laptop

  1. Carolina says:

    why hasn’t Sony/Microsoft/somebody hired this guy yet? he’s a genius!

    1. brandon says:

      if they were to hire them then they would look like idiots not being able to do it themselves.

    2. BIGBOSS says:

      Bravo !!! He Great !!
      genius !!

      GIFT ME 1 PLS !! :)

  2. Jihad says:

    I always look at your work and I always wanted one of those PS3 slim laptops can you mail me one you are my idol my birthday is coming up to this would be the perfect gift! Mail it to me plz!!!! I’m begging you! Email me at

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