Psychedelic Rocking Camel

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Former CRAFT author Lindsay Brown recently acquired her childhood camel rocker from her mother’s house. I like how the curves on the camel body are portions of concentric circles, drawn with the help of a nail and string, radiating out from the camel eye.

Psychedelic rocking camel by B.C. artist/novelist Jim Willer, handmade in the late 60s/early 70s. It was one of a series (our cousins had one too). When we were kids it used to have a blue wooden knocker on a wire that hung inside and clopped when you rocked, but the noise drove us crazy so we removed it (so did our cousins). As you can deduce from the small hole in the centre of the eye, Willer used a nail and string to make a simple compass with which he drew the concentric circles (they radiate out from the eye, quite accurately).

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