Rubik’s cube of Doom

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Rubik’s cube of Doom

Brian Doom, that is. And since the website of Doom doesn’t include any information to the contrary, I’m going to go ahead and assume Brian must be a doctor of something or other. For obvious reasons.

Anyway, Dr. Doom saw this morning’s Rubik’s cube for the blind post and did one of my very favoritest things for a reader to do: He one-upped me. Best of all, he one-upped me with his own work. This modded cube he made is not as randomly kit-bashed as it might look. When solved, each face features a unique color, shape, and texture, making it equally useful to both sighted and sightless solvers. Doom himself explains:

A few years ago (2002?) I made this “accessible” cube puzzle by simply gluing/drilling an existing cube. The goal was to get an intuitive sense of “where the cubes went” when a face was turned – by holding the back and viewing the front, the cubist can sense all faces at all times. This makes the design ideal for puzzling in the dark (which I did) but also as an enhancement for the visually-impaired without sacrificing usability for the sighted.

[Thanks, Brian!]


8 thoughts on “Rubik’s cube of Doom

  1. theophrastus says:

    next up: a rubik’s cube that distinguishes its sides only by “scratch-n-sniff”

  2. Shadyman says:

    I was expecting a “Doom” cube to have the screws the other way around… pointy side out. And maybe some other fun but dangerous things. ;)

    Oh well, still pretty nifty, and more tactile than the original.

  3. gpmsr says:

    Very cool Brian, I really like what you’ve done with the cube!

  4. M00nm1n says:

    I made a blind rubik’s cube before. It is all black so I think it looks cool

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