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Rubix cube alarm clock won’t make you late

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Rubix cube alarm clock won’t make you late

Next time your alarm goes off in the morning and you switch it off, only to sleep through your important meeting that day, you might want to look into this nifty alarm clock. The 80s cube clock forces you to solve the puzzle before the alarm stops, so you need to be on your toes and ready for work extra early.

80’s Cube Clock, [via]

28 thoughts on “Rubix cube alarm clock won’t make you late

  1. Kellin says:

    I checked it out on the site, it doesn’t look like you actually have to (or are even able to) solve the cube…
    of course, this just means that it still remains to be made.

  2. John Blueman says:

    Now THAT is a MUST have if I ever saw one! Brilliant!


  3. Anonymous says:

    By Solve they mean rotate the top, since it apears to be the only moving part.

  4. Tak says:

    its a brillant idea and its probably just still an idea cause i see no way for it to be solved except for a twist of the top or maybe bottom row

  5. Gerd Heinfwiezel says:

    How useless. If that thing went off next to me
    and wouldn’t stop, I’d smash it against the wall.
    Problem “solved”.

  6. Kellin says:

    you’ll be seeing the real thing, in due time

  7. Anonymous says:

    Uhh. I’ve tried looking everywhere and I can’t find anywhere to be able to actually buy this.
    Where could I get one, that actually works?

  8. Campbell Winslow says:

    you dont have to solve it. there is a button to turn it off, and if you dont press it it will eventually turn off its self, I was thoroughly disappointed. although it does have a clock and a calendar and a thermometer also. its not a rubik’s cube alarm clock, its a rubik’s cube themed alarm clock.

  9. Martin says:

    as a Cube lover since the 80’s – i have to say this would be fricking cool, especially since i actually can sleep through most alarm clocks. LOL
    as an electronics engineer – I have to say i can’t see how it would be possible to create a cube that you ACTUALLY NEED TO SOLVE (just like the original) in order for the alarm to stop
    i can see how the it would stop. – you would have sensors on each colour and when all the cubies matched up in sequence it trips a relay
    the ultimate problem being. you would need an LCD Display connected to a circuit board.
    even if you ran the wiring through structure of the Centre cubies only
    2 problems come into play here
    1. the LCD screen would be really small (unless you increased the physical size of the cube by about 2x or 3x)
    2. the main issue being the wiring though the centre structure of the cube would break after a few turns as a result of .. let’s say 2 half turns
    the wires would twist , until they reach their breaking point… then.. end of story

    then.. even if we overcame that wilth wireless connections.

    there still need to be physical space for the circuit board
    and let’s not forget the DC Power supply (AKA the battery)
    there needs to physical space for a battery to pwer the unit
    i can’t logically see how this is possible
    but it would be fricking cool, if it was done somehow

  10. Martin says:

    Maybe it might catch the attention of rubiks
    also give me your feedback on this

    after posting my last comment, i got to thinking ,HOW WOULD THIS BE POSSIBLE

    i can only think of one way
    As Follows:(and this is only a theory)

    if the cube was a 3x3x3 cube but it was double the size of a standard cube
    and if this cube was transparent…..
    1. You could then put an LCD screen in it’s centre with a display
    2. you would have physical space for the wiring and Cicuit board
    3. because the whole thing is in the centre, the wiring would not be affected by the turning
    of the cube when solving it
    4.Due to the Transparecy of the cube you could see the time
    5. as for the colours, you could have the same colours, but transparent (perhaps with perspex or something smilar, this would also prove more rugged
    6. the other cool thing would be….. NO STICKERS TO FALL OFF (if perspex was used)
    7…. Ummm i just figure out a problem….. How would we change the battery if it was all self contained…. Umm.. maybe have it running on solar Cells… Just a thought

    the rest of the idea seems feasable


    I personally like the original look, but i would put up with a transparent cube if it was an alarm clock

    one last thought. this clock should have a manual override
    i suggest it should be sold with an I.R. remote control that is able to set the time and disable the alarm or enable it if need be

    What do you guys think
    BE Cool

    1. Kaleb says:

      Martin you should really try to make that. You could make a lot of money probably and I for one would totally buy it. I sleep through my alarm so I’ve been trying to find something like this for quite a while.

  11. Nathan says:

    Maybe you could use the void cubes core so the wires don’t twist?

  12. Martin says:

    LOL, Thanks Kaleb, appreciate it
    But, first of all I’m way too busy with my work, and i already make a lot of money.
    i know i could make more (a LOT MORE), But.. Life’s not about Money.

    I have way more money that i need (I’m not a gazilliionaire or anything like that)
    But i have way more money , that i need on a weekly basis

    to give you an idea, I save about $7,000 a week
    the bills are paid and i live relatively comfortably

    Life’s about Health and Happiness and Enjoyment, Not about Shitloads of money
    it’s all bullshit (and yes.. I have been very very poor, so i do know what i’m talking about)

    further to all that
    i would not be allowed to make this

    it’s a Rubiks copyright
    so.. If i called it Martin’s Cube LOL

    it wouldn’t really be the same would it ??

    the whole point of this Forum, and this discussion, is that the Rubiks corporation
    Make’s us another Cool Toy to play with

    But thanks for the support mate

    i’ll tell you what
    i get time to tinker from time to time

    if i actually pull this thing off, I’ll make you one and send it to you LOL
    that’s probably about the best i can do

    you would just need to reimburse me for the cost of parts
    i don’t imagine it’ll be a whole lot

    anywhoo, Just wanted to say thanks for the post
    that’s Cool , that you actually posted and supported my idea

    i really appreciate that, Mate
    Thanks again

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