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Snakes on a Game
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“Enough is enough!  I have had it with these blankety-blank snakes on this blankety-blank, um…ARM…Cortex-M0, ah, microcontroller.”

Ahem, right.  Anyway.

Apologies are now due to hardworking Hack a Day writer Mike Szczys for reducing his latest tasty MCU project to a perfunctory SamJack joke.

In point of fact, the name of the game is just Snake, with no s at the end, and though it’s about as old as personal computing, itself, Snake really made its mark in 1998, when Nokia started bundling it as the default videogame on its then-new ARM-based cellphones.  Which is why it’s doubly cool that Mike is playing the game on a chopped-off screen from an old Nokia 3595:  He’s built a handheld Nokia Snake machine, circa 2002, without all those annoying phone functions that really just distracted from the game, anyway.

Circuit, source code, and more details are available at Mike’s personal site, linked below.  [Thanks, Mike!]

Snake game on an ARM microcontroller | Jumptuck

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