The Distinctive Sandcastles of “Sandcastle Matt”

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The Distinctive Sandcastles of “Sandcastle Matt”


Why not spend this summer developing your own unique sandcastle style, like Sandcastle Matt has done with these distinctive sand constructions?

So go out and do some experimenting and leave a sandy calling card of your own at the beach!

I’m not sure if the way I make castle is unique, but I’ve never seen it done this way before. The style sort of emerged over the summer of 2004, and I’ve made maybe 30 “castles” since.

My general rule is that I can only use items I find on the beach – sticks, poles, string, cord, fishing line, etc – bringing stuff like this from home would be ridiculous, plus polute the beach.

Ok, sometimes I bring some twine with me, but its biodegradable and used sparingly.



[via Colossal]


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