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This is a neat Touchable map via Wired Science. I wonder if Apple has a patent on the multitouch for non-portable applications.

He says it was designed for kids to learn geography, but it appears that the Department of Education was not paying the bill. It’s kind of like the interactive LED table from EMS, but way more expensive and militaristic.

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  1. Chris W says:

    This looks a lot like the Microsoft Surface, only bigger. 59 grand seems like a lot, the Surface hardware is 12 grand. The Surface uses a DLP projector and infrared lighting/cameras for the touch sensing. The nice thing about it is its ability to sense lots of touches simultaneously. Several people can use it at the same time. It can also read a type of barcode (actually a dotcode) so when you place an object on it a macro or script will run. No I don’t work for MS, but I do have a couple of Surfaces at work.

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