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HE Zhao wrote in to tell us about an open source Wii peripheral drum-kit project he’s been working on:

I have recently developed Wii Drum High, a software integrates Wiimote, Nunchuk and Wii Balance Board to stimulate a complete drum set. Different gestures and joystick buttons result in correspondent drum sounds. I recorded some videos of real drummer playing with it, and it worked out pretty good.

The software, released under the GPL, is written in C# using Brian Peek’s WiimoteLib API. Using the Visual C# Express development environment and WiimoteLib, you can make your own PC apps that use the Wiimote or Balance Board for input. Zhao’s source is a good example to look at if you decide to head down this path, as is Peek’s WiimoteLib guide on the coding4fun blog.

Wii Drum High – Wii peripheral drum kit
WiimoteLib API for .Net
Brian Peek’s Wiimotelib development guide

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