Wii sensor inside an old remote

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Wii sensor inside an old remote

Stacy and her Dad decided that the Wii sensor bar was a bit too visible for their liking. So what do you do? Stuff it in an old remote, of course!

Dad and I were trying to build a Wireless Sensor Bar and managed to do one that is all wires and batteries. Then He Started digging through all of his remotes around the house and found a couple that didn’t work on anything. so we set off to work on a “Version 2″ so to speak. We took one of the remotes and cut off part of the Circuit board and then drilled holes in the side for the IR LED’s and used the battery box already on the remote and made a sensor bar that is sort of “Incognito”.

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4 thoughts on “Wii sensor inside an old remote

  1. David says:

    I never really look at the comments on these things, but I thought I’d leave one cause that was a really cool idea. Nice job!

  2. Jayenkai says:

    Amazingly simplistic idea, but what a great one!

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