10 Gifts You Can Make From Your Vinyl Record Collection

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It’s the day before Christmas Eve. The last minute shoppers are out, and I am usually one of them. This year I had an idea to make a clock out of an old Chopin vinyl record. I went to my local flea market, bought a couple old clocks, and tore them apart. I loved the way the clock turned out when I finished. It’s a pretty simple process, and looks really nice. Here are some other great ideas you can make with your old vinyls too!

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  1. Ангеле Од Работа says:

    Or you should just enjoy the LP on your turntable…

  2. ispaan says:

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    Crafty vinyl ideas from Makezine. It’s getting close, but not too late!

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    Just found a stack of records on the side of the road…
    Can’t wait to try some off these out!

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