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Furniture joins

Look at the gorgeous joins on this table by Nathan Wierink! There’s lots of other amazing work on his site, too. Via Bloesem

12 thoughts on “Furniture joins

  1. My Pet Fly says:

    I thought at first those were letters worked into the joins. That’d be cool, having it spell out a message.

  2. Curious says:

    Is there a reason you’re using the word join instead of joint (as in dovetail join, box joint, …)? Not being picky, just wondering if this is one of those Maker-speak, language hack, confuse the old guys thing.

  3. Patti Schiendelman says:

    I’ve heard it both ways. I picked up “joins” when I took woodshop in college – I’m sure that teacher is an old guy now. Not new-fangled Maker-speak as far as I know. :)

    (I thought those were letters, too, the first time I saw them – that would be cool!)

  4. gear head says:

    Beautiful work.. and yeah the title’s wrong, it should be joint.

  5. luxmaster says:

    Looks great, lots of patience needed.

    I’ve been watching Tommy’s podcast he shows off how to do basic dove tails at:

  6. ToddV says:

    For full disclosure I will admit I don’t cut DTs by hand (I use a router and jig) and have a CNC router in my shop.

    The problem with CNC router joints (in my opinion) is the radius if the cutter leaves them all looking bubbly. Perhaps I like the traditional dovetails or box joints too much.

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