Grown-Crystal and EL-Wire DNA Lamp

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Instructables user LucidMovement built this great lamp out of electro-luminescent wire covered in crystals.

So, of course, all of you reading this have thought to yourself at one time or another “I would absolutely love to grow some crystals on el-wire and then encase it in silicone and acrylic.” No? Oh, well maybe it was just me then. Regardless of whether you have had that thought before or not, I’ll show you how I did it. Compared to many things you could spend weeks doing, it is quite a simple matter. It is, however, dirty, messy, prone to failure–don’t be surprised if you end up growing the crystals on the structure several times over until you settle for one that isn’t what you wanted but “oh hell, it’ll do”.

[Via HaD]

2 thoughts on “Grown-Crystal and EL-Wire DNA Lamp

  1. Scott Nopp says:

    Hmmmm – this gives me ideas.  I might never forgive you for them (nor do I think my wife will either).  Thinking of ways of ‘cheating’ like hot-gluing seed crystals to EL wire, growing in different container, … Thinking of ways to grow good rock candy.

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