How-To: Save Your Fiber From Clothes Moths

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How-To: Save Your Fiber From Clothes Moths


The world can be a terrifying place, especially when all your clothes have moth holes in them. Luckily, our very own Haley Pierson-Cox survived to tell the harrowing tale of her clothes moths infestation, and save the rest of us from her wholly unholy moth hole fate, with this indispensable tutorial to preserve your yarn stash, fabric, wardrobe, and sanity during an infestation.

It turns out that there’s more to preventing a clothes moths infestation than just getting out the moth balls, in fact, moth balls aren’t even necessary.

I’ve got cats, so I’m not a fan of toxic moth balls or chemical sprays. And, turns out, most of the “natural” sprays aren’t any safer for cats and kids. I didn’t use them, and I didn’t need to.

Fortunately, this tutorial takes you through all the steps of dealing with an infestation, so that with the proper precautions and persistent vigilance, you too can overcome these dreaded fiber fiends!

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