Massive Subwoofer Chair

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Massive Subwoofer Chair

Still not satisfied with the bass of the average chair? If so, check out this insane 1000 Watt Subwoofer Chair from Canadian designer John Greg Ball. [via GeekyGadgets]

10 thoughts on “Massive Subwoofer Chair

  1. Timothy Gray says:

    Using mass drivers or “shakers” do a better job connected to a couch or a lazyboy. It’s a neat idea and a clever subwoofer design, but if you really wanted bass you would have a much larger proper subwoofer and add shakers to your seating. Also room setup is important, if your subwoofer is on a concrete floor in the basement then you are losing 1/2 the bass “feel” on a wooden floor it has a lot better vibration transmission.

  2. Big says:

    Its a neat design but what bugs me is this “rare” 16″ subwoofer, last I knew JL Audio made 15’s and 18’s but nothing between. 15.5″ Overall diameter makes this a 15″ nominal sub.

  3. Halfvast Conspirator says:

    No demo in the vid?

    1. John Greg Ball says:

      Demo of subsonic chair here:

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