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I have a chandelier in my dining room which is always in the way at parties when we move the dining room table against the wall. Here’s a way to remedy that, putting the fixture on a track that slides the light out of the way. Not the most attractive look on the ceiling, but still an interesting solution.

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12 thoughts on “Slidey chandelier

  1. Jonathan Peterson says:

    a chain that you can shorten using a partially open link is ay simpler.

  2. Kieran says:

    I don’t get why you’d even mount a light at head height, a tiny bit higher and that wouldn’t be in the way and you’d be less likely to walk into the thing.

    1. Linus says:

      Because even if the chandelier were raised above head level, it would still be between the projector and the screen, casting a shadow.

  3. Frank says:

    What’s with moving it by hand?

    It should be linked with the home theatre so it automatically withdraws the light when the projection screen comes down!

  4. says:

    While the idea is kind of clever, the black elastic cord contrasting with the white ceiling shocks the conscience.

    With solutions like that, who needs problems?


  5. Carl says:

    Didn’t they have cantilevered ceiling fixtures in the 70s that could easily swing up out of the way? Oh right. They did.

    Still, neat implementation of a concept.

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