Tetrahedral lamp turns on by turning over

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Tetrahedral lamp turns on by turning over


Sean’s sp3 lamp is really lighting sculpture. Constructed from outdoor lighting fixtures, the lamp is controlled via an internal tilt switch – activated when the piece is rolled onto another one of its sides –

“sp3” is a term that chemists use to describe the hybridization of orbitals of a particular atom in a molecule. It is, generally, a fancy way of saying that an atom’s substituents are arranged in a tetrahedron around it. It seemed an appropriate name for this lamp, which is both tetrahedral in form and inspired by the tetrahedral, or sp3, carbon atom, which is the atom of which life is primarily composed.

A ton of detailed info and photos after the jump – sp3 lamp

4 thoughts on “Tetrahedral lamp turns on by turning over

  1. Robert Dunville says:

    I really like this design! The detailed description doesn’t leave any questions, it is very clear how to make one of these.

    Perhaps a modification might be too have the center made out of epoxy/fiber so there are no sharp edges. That way you could get an even more organic look.

    Nothing to do with the project, but could we please get rid of the phrase “after the jump”? Thanks…

  2. Collin Cunningham says:

    @Robert – Yes, Sean deserves the most-prolific-project-documentation award for this one. The fibre/epoxy core seems a nice variation if perhaps a bit of a challenge to set.

    and – No, I’m sorry but “after the jump” is an essential base element to practice of blogging. Without it’s nifty pro-jargon sound and feel the internet would likely shut down in a matter days … if not hours.


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