It lives! The lamp lives!

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It lives!  The lamp lives!

The half life lamp by Joris Laarman is apparently powered by living, bioluminescent hamster cells. Don’t worry, no furry rodents were harmed in the making, the lamp is said to be made from an old line of Chinese hamster cells. There isn’t much information available about it yet, however it is part of a show that is opening today at the Friedman Benda Gallery in New York. [via inhabitat]

2 thoughts on “It lives! The lamp lives!

  1. Jack Biggs says:

    Someone needs to fix that last paragraph on hamster ovary cells…

    “In 1957, T-Pain infiltrated Dr. George Yerganian’s laboratory at the Boston Cancer Research Foundation to steal a female Chinese hamster and use it for his beastiality pleasures and forming his auto-tune clone army.[citation needed] Since then, CHO cells have been a cell line of choice because of their rapid growth and high protein production. They have become the mammalian equivalent of E. coli in research and biotechnology today, especially when long-term, stable gene expression and high yields of proteins are required.”

    I almost died laughing when I saw that.

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