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When springtime hits, the desire to bring some of nature’s beauty inside is relentless — and easy too. Especially here in Central Texas, where Ladybird Johnson left her mark on the world in the form of wildflowers on every roadside in the state. Bluebonnets kick it off in March and from then on it’s a parade of Indian paintbrush, Chinese mustard, honeysuckle, Mexican hats, evening primrose and dozens other in amazing brighter-than-life colors.
We made this sweet bud vase from tiny fabric scraps and cast-off vitamin vessels, the kind available in vitamin and health food stores everywhere. We are also told by our resident 12-year-old that certain types of gum and candy come in vessels like this too. Mini M&Ms anyone?


3 plastic tubes or 1, if you’re the minimalist type
Small fabric scraps approximately 4″x5″
Mod Podge or other such glue


Vitaminbud Step1
Step 1: Clean and dry your containers.
Vitaminbud Step2
Step 2: Wrap the fabric around the container for size. Trim off any excess fabric.
Vitaminbud Step3
Step 3: With a paintbrush spread the Mod Podge or glue thinly onto the container. Wrap the fabric around the container by pressing it evenly onto the glue surface and making sure to press out any bubbles or bumps.
Vitaminbud Step4
Step 4: Once the glue is dry, position 3 of them together (or more if you like). With a piece of hemp or other type of string, tie them all together.
Vitaminbud Final
Or, for that minimalist look, just let one stand alone.
Now get out there and find some flowers! Bring them inside for a splash of color and super fragrance. These also make a great little gift for friends or neighbors. Make a bunch and have them ready for that next dinner invitation. Or make a bunch and put them at each place setting for individual take-home table settings.
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