Hackerspace Happenings for October 24

Hackerspace Happenings for October 24

Are you a hackerspace member with an event you’d like to publicize? Send it to johnb@makezine.com or tweet me at @johnbaichtal and I’ll post it. Also feel free to subscribe to my hackerspaces Twitter list. Hackerspace Happenings runs weekly(ish).

Mothership HackerMoms Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Sho-Sho Smith, founder of Mothership HackerMoms — the first hackerspace for moms! — wrote in to share the details of their Kickstarter campaign, which has only 24 days left.

I’m Sho-Sho Smith, founder of Mothership HackerMoms, the first women’s hackerspace. We are a new kind of playground and workspace for creative mothers. After 6 months in our space, we need your help to build a workshop with tools and equipment, plus create a kids program and business incubator for moms inside it. HackerMoms just launched a Kickstarter fundraiser to accomplish this. I hope that you can help us with a donation pledge and by spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter and by email. With your help, we can make our $10,000 goal by the November 18 deadline. Your dollars will go towards tools and equipment, a DIY construction fund (we are the builders), and hired experts. As budget-conscious moms made a list (of course) you can read with cost detailed in our Kickstarter description. We started our non-profit organization in April 2012 because traditional hackerspaces don’t really have safe spaces for babies and young children – or, consequently, their mothers. Our mission is to give creative moms the time and space to explore DIY craft and design, hacker/maker culture, entrepreneurship, and all manner of creative expression – with childcare. Mothers sometimes need a room of their own!

Make a Singing Tesla Coil at HackPittsburgh

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Each participant will build a working solid state Tesla coil that puts out 6-8 inch long screaming bundles of high-voltage lightning, with an option for easy audio modulation using an Arduino or other square-wave tone source.

The class fee includes all parts, including a prewound 8 inch, 1000-turn secondary coil that’s capable of producing 2-foot long sparks with the right drive circuitry. To keep a limit on time and money, the circuit we’ll build is minimalist, but it’ll provide a great foundation for experimentation and upgrades.

The class is November 10th. More information here.

Intro To E-Textiles Class at Seattle’s Metrix Create:Space

It’s getting dark – time to put LEDs into your all your clothes! Learn how at our Intro to e-textiles class, Monday, October 29th at 7 PM.

This workshop is an introduction to e-textiles and focuses on integrating ordinary electronics into fabric. We will modify ordinary electronic components and sew them together using conductive thread. At the end, you will take home a plush firefly that lights up in the dark.

No prior knowledge of electronics or sewing required. All materials included for $50. Tools are provided, feel free to bring your own jewelry tools if you have them (round nose pliers, round tip pliers, and cutters).

Introduction to Blender Class at LA’s CRASH Space

Have you always wanted to get into 3D printing, but never knew where to begin? You’re in luck! Metal the MakerBot Expert is hosting a class here at Crashspace to teach you all of the basics you need to know to get started. Blender is one of many programs that can be used to create designs that can be used with 3D printers, such as the MakerBot or BukoBot. It can also be used to model, texture, and animate objects for video games or animations.

The class is on Friday, November 8th, and you can sign up on Eventbrite.

Raspberry Pi Night at Prague’s brmlab

October 31 marks the first of a series of talks and workshops relating to the Rasperry Pi.

Series of talks and workshops related to Rasperry Pi.

Anyone is welcome to attend and talk; we expect the talks to have a workshop-like atmosphere and include a lot of discussion with the audience and possibly (not required!) even hands-on demos. Talks will be in Czech by default, but presentations in English are welcome as well.

If you don’t have your Pi yet, it’s also generally possible to buy one in brmlab; we try to keep some extra Pi kits for sale in brmbar at all times, but it’s better to let us know in advance if you want to buy one.

Also we’ll have Raspberry Beer to satisfy your thirsty needs! </blockquote

Philly’s Hive76 is Visited by CNN

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CNN stopped by the space last night, Oct 22nd to interview some of the guys on their projects for a report called “Made in America” which airs Tomorrow, Oct 24th. However, we did shoot some cool video and photos alongside them. There’s a full album available on our Facebook page. We were also fortunate enough to get some quick shots of our projects at work.

Ann Arbor’s All Hands Active Fundraiser

AHA is holding a fundraiser to make ends meet.

We want to continue growing, and we are committed to making this happen in the most efficient and low-overhead way possible. Since our founding, we have been making our membership dollars go as far as possible. If you haven’t seen the space in a while, you will be blown away at what we have to offer nowadays, so please — won’t you help us to continue this momentum?

If you’re from Ann Arbor or just want to help out, visit the link above for some suggestions on how you could help this space stick around for the community.

New Digs for Milwaukee Makerspace

We’ve gone from 15 members at the start of 2011 to over 70 members near the end of 2012. We’ve seen our capabilities expand, the list of equipment grow, the number of projects explode, and we’ve also gotten involved in the community. It’s been pretty amazing the last 20 months… and we’re ready for the next step.

We’re about to start the process of moving from our present 6,000 square foot space to a new 16,000 square foot building.

EHSM Conference Call for Submissions Extended

Sébastien Bourdeauducq, one of the organizers of the upcoming EHSM Conference in Berlin (December 28-30), wrote in to announce that they’ve extended the submission deadline to 11/4 and that they’re especially looking for more hardware folks. It looks like an amazing conference, so if you think you’ll be in Berlin toward the end of the year, check it out!

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