How-To: Make a Fake Beard

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How-To: Make a Fake Beard
By Erin Dollar

Not sure what to be for Halloween? Take the crafty mustache trend to the next level with this project on how to make a fake beard. An easy quick-sew project that will turn you into a lumberjack or any character you wish!

Makeabeard Step1A


Two 8″×12″ pieces craft felt, any color
Thread in matching color
or sewing machine
1 yard grosgrain ribbon, cut in half
18″ each
Printer and paper to create template
Download the beard template (jpg).


Makeabeard Step1B
Step 1: Gather materials (I neglected to show the ribbon in the materials photo at top, so don’t forget it!). Print out the template at full size, cut out, and pin to both pieces of felt.
Makeabeard Step2
Step 2: Cut out the felt pieces using the template as a guide, making 2 of each. Pin each like piece together. Set the moustache aside until Step 5.
Makeabeard Step3
Step 3: Attach the ribbon ties to the upper right and left corners of the felt beard, sandwiching the ribbon between the felt as shown. You can do this by hand sewing it between the 2 layers of the beard, or using a machine to sew an X pattern over the ribbon and the back layer of felt.
Makeabeard Step4A
Makeabeard Step4B
Step 4: Sew along the outer edge of the larger felt pieces, leaving about 1/8″ along the outside. This can be hand sewn, or sewn on a machine.
Makeabeard Step5A
Makeabeard Step5B
Step 5: Take the pins out of the larger beard pieces, and pin the moustache pieces onto the beard, making sure to sandwich the pokey-looking flaps on the top of the beard between each side of the moustache. Try to keep the moustache centered between the 2 top flaps. With the moustache pinned in place, sew along the edge of the moustache, taking care to sew securely through all layers where the 2 panels meet. This is a little tricky to do on a sewing machine, but certainly possible. Be careful not to sew your fingers!
Makeabeard Step6A
Step 6: Your beard is all finished! Check for stray threads, trim messy edges, and try on your masterpiece. Add eye patches, gnome hats, or villainous looking tattoos as needed to complete your look.
About the Author:
Makeabeard Aboutme
Erin Dollar lives in Portland, land of hipsters with beards and lumberjacks with beards. She is the one-woman beard factory behind I Made You A Beard , but she sometimes finds a spare moment to screenprint or bake cookies.

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