How-To: Make a Zombie Bridal Veil


Even Zombie Brides love handmade touches at their wedding! Luckily, this no-sew Zombie Bridal Veil is so fun and quick, even the undead can pull it off. This is the Zombie Bride’s special day, so be sure not to skimp on the lace, the black glitter, and of course the red splatters!
I used a whole host of great products from for this project. I achieved the perfect texture and colors with the Fabric Spray Paint. I blinged out the tiara with Fashion Glitter, and put the whole thing together using their Liquid Fusion and Super Bond Fabric Glues. They made the entire project a no brainer!
Head over to the iLoveToWin Daily Giveaway today to win this finished Zombie veil, as well as these awesome supplies: Tulip Fashion Glitter Black, Tulip Glitter Spray Paint Black Glitter, Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Scarlet, Tulip Fabric Spray Paint Asphalt, and Aleene’s Platinum Bond Super Fabric Textile Adhesive. Good luck!



Plastic Tiara
Tulle, 3 yards
Millinery flowers
Tulip Fabric Spray Paint in Asphalt, Scarlet, and Black Diamond Glitter
Super Bond Platinum Fabric Glue
Liquid Fusion Glue
Tulip Fashion Glitter
Plastic Drop Cloth


Step 1: Start by dying the fabric elements of the veil. Set out the lace, rufffles, tulle and flowers with a large piece of plastic underneath to protect your worksurface.
You can create two different effects with the Tulip Fabric Spray Paint, a fine mist, or a splatter. For a fine mist, press the pump all the way down, and for the splatter, just press it half way down. Spray the Asphalt paint in a fine mist to make the lace and tulle look aged and moldy. Then to add the look of blood, splatter it all with the Scarlet. Dye the flowers with Asphalt, then cover them with the Diamond Glitter Spray. Let them dry completely, for about 4 hours.
Step 2: While the veil is drying, cover the tiara with black glitter. Pick off any cutesy pastel rhinestones, and replace them with globs of Liquid Fusion glue. Dust the glue with the Tulip Fashion Glitter. Let the glitter set, then repeat with the remaining details on the tiara. In 2 hours it will be permanently dry.
Step 3: When the flowers and the tiara are both dry, add the flowers. Use a dab of glue to set them all along the base.
Step 4: When the tulle and lace have dried, the veil can be assembled. Cut the tulle into two pieces. One half of the tulle will be decorated with lace, and the other half will be pinned in for dramatic effect. Glue your lace and ruffles to the edge of the tulle with the Super Bond Fabric Glue. A little goes a long way, especially with the porous lace and netting, so use the glue sparingly. Clean up any drips with a damp sponge.
Step 5: Use white and black face paint to transform yourself into a zombie. Red lipstick is crucial! Tease out your hair, and don a strand of black pearls. Hang the veil over your face, and then put the tiara on over it. Pin the second piece of tulle netting behind the tiara to add lots of volume and undead drama!

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