How-To: Styrofoam Tombstones


Halloween Crafts

By Cory Derenburger
Over the years I’ve learned many techniques, shortcuts, and ways of improving the construction of styrofoam tombstones. Here’s how to make your own lightweight, sculptured, and professional-looking masterpieces guaranteed to add a creepy touch to your haunted house.


Caulking gun
Dremel router attachment
Dremel tool
Fine sandpaper
Paper mask and goggles
Putty knife
Sharp object
Wood file

Relevant parts

Dow blue insulation styrofoam 11/2″-2″ thick
Wood putty
Liquid Nails projects glue
2′ PVC pipe
cheapest stuff available
Dowel pins
fit nicely into PVC
Latex exterior paint
heavy, cheap, and thick
Acrylic paints
Uni-ball Gel Impact pen
for drawing on foam
Dry sand

Go to MAKE: Projects for the full directions
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