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Minoo Hersini, an event planner, interior decorator, floral designer, and fashion designer, has come up with some clever ways to use vegetables, grasses, and fruit to make your centerpieces unique, beautiful, and cheap. She uses everything from radishes to green tomatoes to fancy beans to grasses to artichokes.

kalechrisanthemumbrezilia berries314.jpg biggrasstable314.jpg
Vegetable centerpiece314.jpg Grasssetariapanicum314.jpg

Her stuff looks amazing, but I wondered if that was just because she does this sort of thing for a living. I decided to test my skill and recruited my husband to help out. We headed to the produce section of the local grocery store chain to buy whatever struck our fancy and then tried our hands at making fabulous centerpieces out of the purchases.

longradish.jpg scenarioTall.jpg

Our choices included Pink Lady apples (which we forgot to use and later ate!), radishes, Swiss chard, kale, bok choy, cranberries, Brussel sprouts, carrots, and peppers in 3 colors. And yes, we are now having stir fry for dinner tonight!

vegiedecor1.jpg vegiedecor2.jpg
vegiedecor3.jpg vegiedecor4.jpg

We’re pleased with the results, and it was fun and easy to do. Bonus! If you do a centerpiece for your table, please post a link in the Comments, or offer up your ideas for inexpensive tricks!

vegiedecor6.jpg vegiedecor5.jpg
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