HOW TO – Make a Wallet from a Leather Skirt

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wallet from leather skirt
A reader wrote in about Katie Jean’s tutorial for making a wallet from a thrift store leather skirt on See Katie Sew. It looks like suede to me, but it is still a great idea. Thanks Jessi.

6 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make a Wallet from a Leather Skirt

  1. Anonymous says:

    Suede.. is.. leather. ??

  2. michellek says:

    Sorry, it is sort of a joke because commenters tend to point out subtle differences like leather from suede. Personally, I would make the wallet out of denim.

  3. katie says:

    Thanks for posting this! Suede is indeed a type of leather. If the skirt is suede, and you don’t want that finish, you can always use the backside of it.

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